88IL - Gaitros Stol

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Airport Statistics
Location: Cerro Gordo, IL
Elevation: 683ft
Sectional: St Louis
Activation date: Jan 2016
Fuel: None
Runway 09/27: 1,000ft
Access: Private to everyone
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Direct links to live image URLs will be displayed inline on this page. URLs to separate webpages will be linked to.
  • Flight operations can be conducted safely at this facility provided the following conditions are met: no objection from an airspace utilization stand point. no conflict with dhs radar or airport obstruction screening. there is no ifr effect as since there are no procedures published at the heliport. suggest ingress/egress points be limited to vfr conditions northwest and southeast of proposed heliport. located northeast of this site, aircraft are arriving and departing at monticello airport with gliders in the vicinity and located southwest of this site is decatur airport are descending out of 2200' as low as 877' to land. in the case procedures are requested, please note that publication of instrument procedures can take 18 to 24 months from the date that all airport/heliport information and survey data is in the system and validated. if the procedure is to be a "special third party developed procedure" coordination with the awo is required to obtain a publication date. note: all loot division of aeronautics minimum standards as contained in the aviation safety rules must be maintained, regardless of the federal aviation administration's airspace determination. please be advised that the 5010-5 form is the only method the faa has for tracking the existence of private facilities. failure to promptly return any such correspondence from the faa could result in the assumption that your facility is no longer in existence...
  • For cd ctc chicago artcc at 630-906-8921.
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