Pirep is a free, collaborative database of all public and private airports located within the United States. All pilots are welcome to contribute, edit, and improve any airport they have local knowledge about, no registration required.

Pirep is my love letter to our aviation infrastructure. When I first started flying I had no idea about where to find transient parking, pilot lounges, or fuel pumps, if an airport had crew cars/bikes, or really any of the unpublished, local knowledge that only came from walking around an airport.

As I slowly expanded my personal knowledge base of information I realized how valuable it could be to others and how valuable their knowledge bases would be to me. I created Pirep for pilots to contribute to a shared source of the unpublished information about airports and to hopefully discover new destinations & adventures.

Copyright notice: All user contributed content to Pirep is performed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Pirep is free, open source software licensed under the AGPLv3 that anyone may contribute to.

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