2B3 - Parlin Fld

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Airport Statistics
Location: Newport, NH
Elevation: 785ft
Sectional: New York
Activation date: Feb 1947
Fuel: 100LL (prices)
Runway 18/36: 3,448ft
Runway 12/30: 1,981ft
Access: Open to the public
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Direct links to live image URLs will be displayed inline on this page. URLs to separate webpages will be linked to.
  • Estab prior to 1959.
  • Rotg bcn ots indefly.
  • Rwy 12/30 clsd nov 15 to may 1.
  • Rwy 18, mt 981 ft msl 2500 ft fm thr, 600 ft r.
  • Wildlife on & invof arpt.
  • Noise abatement procs in efct. avoid noise sensitive area 3000 ft nw of arpt. ctc amgr at 978-886-0854.
  • Pwrline mkd with orange balls at arpt bdry 900 ft fm aer 30.
  • Courtesy bikes avbl, camp sites avbl on arpt.
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    I travel here with my kids from time to time. We’ve camped on field three times. It is a lot of fun. If you like this airport send them a check for the volunteer activities. They host a fireworks event in the summer which is pretty spectacular.

    The approach for 18 is a little tricky, it is a downhill landing and there are trees fairly close to the end so plan accordingly for landing 18 or departing 36. Landing 36 and departing 18 if winds are low works well.

    Created about 1 year ago (2023-04-20 15:38:42 UTC)
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